Requirements and Sizes of New Zealand Visa Photo

Travelling abroad to New Zealand is an exciting adventure, but it does demand thorough preparation in advance. Among the crucial prerequisites for your journey, obtaining a New Zealand passport is paramount. To obtain your passport, you must ensure that you have a suitable New Zealand passport photo. If you don't have one yet, worry not.

Requirements and Sizes of New Zealand Visa Photo

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Photo Specifications

  • File Size: Your photo should have a size ranging from 500KB to 10MB.
  • Dimensions: The photo should measure 35mm by 45mm.
  • Colour: Ensure that your digital photos are in sRGB colour format. All pictures must be in colour.
  • Head Size and Position: Your head should occupy approximately 80% of the picture, with a head size between 32mm and 36mm. It should be centred and you must be looking directly at the camera.
  • Recency: The photo should be taken within the last 6 months.
  • Background: Utilise a light-coloured background; white backgrounds are not acceptable, and there should be no designs or images in the background.
  • Smile: Do not smile in the photo; keep your mouth closed.
  • Eyes: Your eyes must be clearly visible and open in the photo.
  • Glasses: If you wear glasses regularly, you may keep them on for the photo, but they should not obstruct the view of your eyes.
  • Headgear: Headgear is allowed only for religious or medical reasons.
  • Dimensions and Size (Pixels): The photo should have a minimum resolution of 900 x 1200 pixels and a maximum resolution of 4500x6000 pixels.
  • Attire and Dress Code: Avoid wearing clothing that matches the colour of the background.
  • Beard: Having a beard is optional.

Photo Specifications

New Zealand Passport and Visa Photo Requirements

The New Zealand Passport and Visa Photo Requirements outlined above are crucial to ensure that your passport or visa application is successful and that your photos are accepted. Let's elaborate on why each of these specifications is essential:

  • Importance of Lighting

Proper lighting ensures that your facial features are clearly visible and that there are no shadows or overexposed areas that could obscure your face. This is critical for facial recognition technology used in passport and visa processing.

  • Contrast with Background

A clear contrast between your head and the background helps authorities easily identify you in the photo. It eliminates any confusion that might arise if your head blends into the background.

  • Glasses

While glasses are allowed, they should not have tinted or glaring lenses. Thick frames can obstruct the view of your eyes, which is essential for identification purposes.

  • Beard for Men

Allowing men to wear beards if it's part of their regular appearance maintains consistency in their overall look and reduces the likelihood of identity discrepancies.

  • Head Position

A direct, untitled head position ensures that your face is fully visible and easily recognizable. Tilting your head can distort your facial features.

  • Visible Shoulders

Having the tops of your shoulders visible in the photo provides context and ensures that your head is not floating in space, making it easier for authorities to gauge the proportion of your face.

  • Portrait Orientation

Using portrait mode with a vertically held camera aligns with the standard format for passport and visa photos. It ensures that the photo is correctly oriented and avoids any potential issues with cropping or resizing.

  • Digital Photo Alterations

Allowing only minor alterations to brightness or darkness maintains the authenticity of the photo. This is crucial for security and identification purposes, as any significant alterations could raise concerns about the photo's accuracy.

In summary, adhering to these New Zealand Passport and Visa Photo Requirements is not just about meeting regulations but ensuring that your identification photo is clear, accurate, and easily recognizable by authorities. Compliance with these guidelines contributes to the efficiency and security of passport and visa processing.

Rules and Requirements for Passport and Visa Photos for Babies, Infants, and Newborns

The Rules and Requirements for Passport and Visa Photos for Babies, Infants, and Newborns are designed to ensure the accuracy and security of identification documents for young travellers. Let's elaborate on each of these requirements:

  • General Requirements Apply: Children's passport and visa photos are subject to the same general requirements as adult photos. This consistency ensures uniformity and adherence to security standards.
  • Individual Photos: Each child must have their own passport or visa, which means that a separate and distinct photo is necessary for each child. This practice avoids any confusion or mix-up of identities.
  • Photographing Infants: Capturing a suitable photo of an infant can be challenging due to their limited ability to cooperate. However, certain criteria still need to be met:
  • Facing the Camera: Infants should face the camera to ensure their full facial features are visible. This helps authorities identify the child accurately.
  • Open Eyes and No Smiles: While it may be difficult to get infants to comply with open eyes and a non-smiling expression, these requirements are important for consistency and facial recognition.
  • No Additional Persons: The focus of the photo should be solely on the child or infant. No other individuals should appear in the photo. This ensures that there are no distractions that could hinder identification.
  • Background for Infants: If the infant is photographed on the floor or in a car seat, a light-coloured background should be used. This background choice maintains consistency with standard photo requirements and ensures clarity in the image. Additionally, the absence of toys, pacifiers, bottles, or any other objects helps maintain focus on the child's face.
  • Child's Face Dominance: To facilitate facial recognition and ensure the child's features are the central focus, approximately 80% of the photo should showcase the child's face. Clear spaces on the sides and top of the image prevent any unnecessary cropping or obstruction of facial features.

Obtaining a New Zealand Passport Photos or New Zealand Visa Photos Online

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New Zealand Passport

Pricing and Expenses

When deciding where to obtain your passport or New Zealand visa photos, your choice often hinges on the time you're willing to invest in searching or waiting, as well as the budget you've allocated for this task. Like most individuals, you probably lean towards the more cost-effective option, allowing you to save on these essential details and have more funds available for your vacation activities.

An alternative to consider is obtaining your photos online through e-Visa Photos. Here, you can acquire a set of two images, either in printed or downloadable format, for approximately $ NZD. This option presents a more economical choice that may better suit your budget.


What are the size specifications for New Zealand passport and visa photos?

The standard size for New Zealand passport and visa photos is 35mm by 45mm.

Can I use a black and white photo for my New Zealand passport or visa application?

No, all photos must be in colour.

Is it necessary to have a light-coloured background for the photo?

Yes, a light-coloured background is required. White backgrounds are not acceptable, and there should be no designs or images in the background.

Are there specific rules regarding the head size and position in the photo?

Yes, your head should occupy approximately 80% of the photo, with a head size between 32mm and 36mm. It should be centred, and you must be looking directly at the camera.

Can I wear glasses in my New Zealand passport or visa photo?

Yes, you can wear glasses, but the lenses should not be tinted or have glare. The frames should be thin and not obstruct the view of your eyes.

Is it allowed to smile in the photo?

No, you should not smile. Keep your mouth closed in the photo.

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